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Upgrading of Swiss Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)

Here you find a list and a map of large-scale implementations of micropollutant removal in Switzerland (German and French).

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Current state (November 2023) of the distribution of processes to reduce micropollutants in Switzerland based on the number of WWTPs (left) and the affilated residents (right).

Criteria for WWTP expansion according to the Water Protection Ordinance (WPO) Annex 3 in Switzerland

  • Protection of aquatic ecosystems: WWTPs for > 8,000 affiliated residents (Raff) in stretches of water with a wastewater content of > 10%
  • Protection of water resources: WWTPs with > 24,000 Raff in lakecatchment areas and WWTPs > 8,000 Raff in karst areas
  • Load reduction/upstream responsibility: WWTPs with > 80,000 Raff

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List of selected publications

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